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Cingo Prevent+ Plan Visit Frequency

Cingo Prevent+ Plan Visit Frequency

Written By: Mandy Garnto

While it's hard to battle mother nature on her home turf, Cingo can help with some of the pests outside your home.

The Cingo Prevent+ plan is designed to fortify your home against pests, as well as provide protection against mosquitoes and fire ants in your yard. If you're an existing customer, you already know this. However, you may have some questions regarding our visit frequency and the reasons behind it.

The scheduled visits for this plan vary from traditional pest plans. We come out in January, then monthly throughout the months of March - October. Why is that? Let's break it down.

January tends to be a lighter month when it comes to pest pressure in your home due to the cold weather. Since mosquito and fire ant treatments typically aren't needed, we monitor your Sentricon Termite Baiting stations instead. We'll also treat your exterior entry points just to be sure your home is fully protected for any pests braving the cold (or looking for warmth inside your home).

Once March arrives, you'll be seeing your technician quite regularly, each month until October in fact. Mosquito treatments need to be completed monthly for proper prevention. Your technician will also begin a set schedule of completing our C.I.N.G.O. treatment procedure and fire ant treatments on a rotating basis for maximum home protection.

By the time we reach November, mosquito season has ended, and fire ants aren't an issue anymore. The weather begins to shift and so does the pest pressure, meaning you won't have a scheduled visit during November or December. That being said, you are still protected by Cingo's every day coverage. If this November is extremely warm and those pesky mosquitoes refuse to go away, call us.  Let's say you go on a business trip and bring home bed bugs in your suitcase—we'll take care of it. That's what it means to have Cingo's protection from every single pest. The same is true if Fido gets fleas or you bring a squirrel in with the Christmas tree (Clark Griswold style).

At Cingo, we want you to understand your plan and the science behind it. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.

Cingo Prevent+
February No
March Yes
April Yes
May Yes
June Yes
July Yes
August Yes
September Yes
October Yes
November No
December No


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