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The when, what, where and how of Cingo pest control

Cingo Pest Prevention

the when, what, where & how of pest control

What pests are covered with Cingo Prevent plans?

If it's a pest, and it's in your home, you are covered with Cingo. That means it includes ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, mice, squirrels, rats, fleas and bed bugs. That's a lot of pests. Termites? Yep, them too.

How does Cingo do it?

To protect your house from termites, your pest professional will strategically install Sentricon stations around your home. This will use termites' natural foraging behavior against them and ensure protection of your investment. These termite baiting stations are always active, and Cingo will perform an annual inspection and replenish or replace the stations around your home as needed.

To protect your family from pests like spiders, roaches and mice, your pest professional will complete our Cingo protocol on each and every visit.

  • Communicate with you.
  • Inspect the home for signs of pest activity.
  • Treat all possible entry points around exterior of the home and any contact points between soil/mulch and construction.
  • Sweep down and remove any stinging insect nests or spider webs.
  • Apply bait applications in attic, crawl space and perimeter.
  • Communicate with you.

How often will Cingo visit my home?

Cingo will schedule 6 preventative visits throughout the year - generally every other month. Our professional experience and industry best practices indicate that this is optimal frequency to maintain a home free of pests. You will receive an email (or postcard) 7-10 days before each visit. These notifications include a photo of your Cingo Pest Pro.

What is Cingo Prevent+ ?

Simply put, Cingo Prevent+ extends protection to include mosquitoes and fire ants in your yard. Your Cingo pest pro will apply a product for mosquitoes where they love to live, hide and breed to effectively reduce the population. A Fire Ant bait is applied to your lawn twice a year to provide year-long control. This bait is effectively used by allowing foraging ants to collect it and feed their colony, therefore, eliminating it. Treatments are performed at least March thru October, bringing your preventative visits to 9 or more every year.

The Cingo Prevent Plan schedule is every other month based on start date and may be opposite of the one shown above.

Cingo Prevent+ Cingo Prevent
Yes Yes
February No No
March Yes Yes
April Yes No
May Yes Yes
June Yes No
July Yes Yes
August Yes No
September Yes Yes
October Yes No
November No Yes
December No No

What if I have a problem between visits?

Remember when we said we'd visit every other month? Actually, that is the minimum for preventative treatments. If you have a problem, we might come more often. Let's say you go on a business trip and bring home bed bugs in your suitcase. That stinks, but it's pretty tough to prevent. Most pest control companies would tell you that bed bugs are not covered under a household pest control plan. Not here. You get bed bugs, we'll take care of it. That's what it means to have Cingo's protection from every single pest. The same is true if Fido gets fleas or you bring a squirrel in with the Christmas tree (Clark Griswold style).

Do I need to be home for treatments?

That depends. Cingo literally means to surround and secure. With Safe Surround we protect your home and family from the outside. However, for initial visits or if you have a need for extermination, your Cingo Pro will want to access the interior of your home. The goal is long-term pest prevention, and with regularly scheduled visits, 99% of pests can be controlled from the exterior. Should you ever experience an unwanted guest inside, just let Cingo know so your pro can take care of every single pest.

What are the terms of agreements?

Pest control, particularly when it includes termites, is highly regulated by state and federal agencies. For this reason, contracts from most pest control companies will look similar. We've taken extra steps to make the Cingo Agreement and the Termite Only Agreement as consumer-friendly as possible within these regulations.