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Moisture in a Crawl Space

Moisture in a Crawl Space

Written By: Mandy Garnto

The key to dealing with moisture issues in a crawl space is finding the source of the problem. Typically, this falls to one or a combination of three things:

  • An active leak
  • Condensation from an A/C duct
  • Intrusion from the exterior (coming from outside the crawl space)

Finding the source can put you on a direct path to treatment and resolution. In most occurrences with a leak, once it is fixed the area will dry out, and the problem will take care of itself. If the A/C ducts are an issue, we recommend contacting an HVAC company to correct the problem. Water coming in from an outside source may be indicative of vents that are below or improper grade. Water run-off can also be a source which can most likely be corrected with the addition of gutters.

Early detection has the largest impact on managing a moisture issue. If moisture levels are left too high for too long, wood destroying fungus can occur. In these cases, not only does the moisture level have to be addressed, but any active fungus must be treated and removed as well. In some instances, the wood decaying fungi have rotted the joists and subfloors of the home. If damage has occurred, the rotten wood will need to be removed and a treatment performed before new wood is added.

Beware of mold remediation and encapsulation companies that tend to unleash fear tactics on homeowners who may lack the proper information to choose the most effective treatment for their situation. Mold is simply a type of fungus, which will almost always be found in an enclosed area with dirt and wood, like the crawl space of a home. Mold can be treated for a fraction of the cost of encapsulation, usually with a peroxide-based cleaner, removal, and a fungicide. Very rarely is encapsulation truly needed. And let's be real-- would a homeowner rather sink thousands of dollars into an unlivable area of their home or put that money towards a kitchen remodel?

When caught early, crawl space moisture issues can be solved rather easily. However, the first step is finding out there is an issue. Home inspections can identify and offer solutions for moisture issues and more. Contact Cingo for your home inspection today.

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