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Termite Products & Warranties

What type of termite protection does my home need?

Termite prevention techniques and warranties vary widely from company to company. Understanding your protection and coverage is important.

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Termite bait systems

First introduced in the mid-1990s, bait systems are the most popular form of residential termite prevention in the United States and are considered the gold standard for termite control. With this treatment, a pest control professional installs bait stations around the perimeter of your home. These in-ground stations house a cellulose material that acts as a source of food, and termites prefer this bait over wood. Then, as the worker termites distribute this "food" to nourish their colony, it kills them until the entire colony is gone.

Pest professionals monitor termite activity by inspecting the stations around your home, usually on a yearly basis, to ensure they are working properly and to replenish the bait as needed. These bait stations pose no hazard to groundwater and have no label restrictions for use around wells or cisterns.

Cingo uses the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active bait.

Liquid treatments

Liquid termite treatments or termiticides have been the traditional method to treat and prevent termites for decades. These treatments are often applied to homes while under construction. This termite treatment is applied in the form of a liquid chemical in the soil around your home.

A pest control professional will apply a liquid dilution of termiticide along the foundation of your home with methods known as "trenching" or "rodding." This requires the professional to create a trench and inject the termiticide dilution every 12 inches around the perimeter of the foundation. They may also drill holes in slabs adjacent to the foundation of your home to ensure your home is fully protected from termites.

Depending on the product used, liquid treatments will remain effective anywhere from 5-15 years. Warranty renewal costs for liquid treatments are usually less than bait, due to the treatment breaking down in the soil over time, at which point, the treatment will need to be re-applied, and you will need to pay for the new treatment.

Termite warranties

It's important to understand your termite warranty to know how you will be protected if termites do make it into your home.

Repair & retreat termite warranty

Repair warranties not only deal with eliminating termites should they re-appear, but will also cover the cost of repairs as a result of the termite infestation. Homeowners should ALWAYS seek repair coverage. If this coverage is not available with your termite protection, seek a second opinion.

To better understand the difference between retreat only and repair and retreat, consider how the warranty concept applies to something like a phone case. LifeProof warrants their products against defects in material or workmanship, and they guarantee to repair or replace it for a period of one year from date of purchase. However, if their product fails and your phone is damaged as a result of it, they are not going to replace your phone. All you will get is a new phone case.

Retreat-only termite warranty

Warranties with a retreat-only option guarantee that if you get termites, the company will retreat for no additional cost. However, these warranties will not cover damage done to your home as a result of a termite treatment failure.

If your home has certain defects that make it susceptible to termite re-infestation, companies may not offer repair coverage. Many companies offer retreat-only warranties simply to limit their liability.

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