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Roach Identification Guide

5 simple questions

What kind of roaches are these?

Believe it or not, there are more than 4,000 types of roaches. While they all have 6 legs and gross us out, the way they behave and best methods to treat vary dramatically.

These 5 simple questions can help identify among the most common types in the Southeast.

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5 Simple Questions to Determine what kind of roach it is...

1. Which best describes the way they look?

A. They are big and dark brown in color.

B. They are thumbnail sized and light brown in color.

2. If you turn on the lights, what do they do?

A. They don't seem to notice me unless I get close to them.

B. They scurry away quickly.

3. Where do you most often see them?

A. They don't seem to have a preference.

B. Usually in the kitchen or bathroom area.

4. Do they fly?

A. Yes, I've noticed them gliding or flying.

B. No, they do not fly.

5. How many have you seen in the past few days?

A. Less than 10

B. Dozens

C. Oh dear, I can't count that high.

Tally your answers

If you got all As on questions 1-4, you likely have American or Smokybrown Roaches.

If you got As on everything except question 4, you probably have Asian Roaches.

If you got all Bs, you may have German Roaches.

Question 5 is more indicative of the severity of the problem.

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Cingo can help with roaches

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