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Mosquito reduction protocol

Identification/Life Cycle

Mosquitoes are pesky little flying insects that can ruin your outdoor activities. There are approximately 26 different species found in Georgia and South Carolina. Most of them are only found in certain regions with the Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) being found throughout both states. Only female mosquitos bite/feed on a host to receive protein from blood in order for egg develop.

Mosquitoes have 4 life stages: egg, larva, pupae and adult. Females lay their eggs in water and hatch within 1-3 days depending on species. The emerging larvae will go through 4 molts (instars), which takes 7 days to several weeks to enter the pupal stage. The pupal stage, "tumbler stage", takes from 2 days to several weeks before emerging into the adult. Female mosquitoes live 1-2 months during warm weather and up 6 months in cooler environments.

Conducive conditions

All standing water and prolonged high moisture ground cover on property aid in the population growth of mosquitoes.

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Control measures

Make sure there is no container on the property that holds water for prolonged periods. Even a bottle cap filled with water can breed mosquitoes * toys, pet water bowls, buckets, trash cans, bird baths, tarps, wheel barrels, etc. These items need to be removed, water dumped out often (at least weekly) or holes drilled on bottom of container to keep from holding water

Fix leaking outdoor faucets

Clean/clear roof gutter debris and angle downspouts away from structure

Eliminate puddling outside from A/C return.

Make sure rain barrels have tight fitting lid or small screen covering the top. To keep mosquitoes from laying eggs inside barrel.

a thorough inspection by Cingo can help prevent mosquitos

Mechanical control

Install screens over windows and doors.

Keep shrubs trimmed, organic matter and moisture around structure to a minimum

Keep lawn mowed

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Treatment needs to be performed around structure, treating all shrubs, property wood line, under wood decks and grassy areas with backpack blower mister. Pay close attention to shady areas with high moisture and organic matter when treating. Remember treating grassy area will contaminate fire ant bait, so skip treating grassy area when treating entire lawn for ants.

Also look for any standing water that can't be eliminated and treat with a mosquito larvicide.

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Always read and be familiar with the label before using!

Talstar Professional for heavy infestation mix 1 fl. oz. per gallon of water = .06% and monthly visits mix .33 fluid ounce per gallon of water = .02% (Treatment at .06% can only be completed every 28 days)

Suspend Polyzone mix .25 fl oz per gallon of water = .01%

Temprid SC mix .27 fl oz per gallon of water = .075%

Onslaught FASTCAP Spider & Scorpion Insecticide mix .5 fl oz per gallon of water = .06%

Altosid Pro-G (IGR) ¼ tsp will treat 50 gallons, 1 tsp = 200 gallons, ¼ cup = 2,400 & 1 cup = 9,600. [Treatment area (surface area-less than 2' deep water) ¼ tsp 13 sqft., 1 tsp = 50 sqft., 1 tbls = 150 sqft, ¼ cup = 600 sqft & 1 cup = 2,400 square feet.]

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Cingo can help with mosquitoes

feel free to reach out to one of our pest control experts