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David Robinson

Director, Existing Home Sales

In a labor market where the average employee tenure is 4.2 years, we at Cingo take deep pride that so many of our team members have been with us for the long haul. David Robinson is a Cingo success story. Joining Cingo in 2003, David got his start as a Pest Professional -- crawling houses and protecting homes. Step by step, he worked his way through the ranks and has been operating as the General Manager of our South Georgia market since 2012.

While researching different avenues to acquire growth, David realized that home inspections would be a great tie into our business model. He completed Cingo's first home inspection in 2018, and this service has since become a great revenue source throughout all of our markets. This led to his current role as Director of Existing Home Sales, where he leads a business development team and a team of home inspectors that protect realtors and home buyers from harm and hassle.

David's experience in the field provides a unique insight to his team's daily struggles and has allowed him to build strong comradery. Ever the jokester, David's co-workers forsee a future for him on Last Comic Standing. David and his wife are raising their family in Douglas, Georgia, where they enjoy spending time with friends and family.

David Robinson Cingo