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German Roaches

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German roach treatment protocol

Sanitation/Non-Chemical Control Measures

German roaches thrive where food, water and shelter are easily available to them. Even the tiniest amount of crumbs in a crack can feed a colony of roaches. That's why sanitation is the most important item to help prevent or eliminate a german roach infestation.

Performing a thorough inspection inside with a flashlight and finding the following issues, is the first step of eliminating roaches.

Any issues found need to be addressed with the homeowner or manager of the property and fixed or corrected.

a thorough home inspection from Cingo is needed to eliminate roaches
a house with a green roof

Clean up food, dishes and drink spills immediately. Never leave dirty dishes in a sink overnight and keep counter tops clean and clutter free.

Clean drains and cracks/crevices with a bio cleaner.

Fix all plumbing leaks, drainage issues and moisture issues in walls.

Always use a liner in the inside trash can and empty it at the end of each day.

Commercial accounts: Inspect all incoming food storage boxes for cockroaches and egg capsules before storing. Remove food products and food service supplies from the cardboard containers as soon as they are delivered and place cardboard in the outside recycle container. Don't store/accept product if roaches or signs of roaches are found, then contact distributor. Never store cardboard inside if you can help it.


Store food items in a sealed container.

Vacuum all cracks/crevices to eliminate crumb build up.

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter when vacuuming up cockroaches from the harborage areas. *This is one of the most important steps to perform for speeding up the time for eliminating the infestation.

Eliminate harborage areas by sealing crack/crevices around cabinets, tables, counter tops, electrical panels, light fixtures, sinks and any other areas cockroaches are found hiding.

Chemical control

Although liquid and aerosol applications may provide a quick and temporary knockdown for german roaches, they do not give long-term control.

Using liquids are likely to disperse the roaches to other areas of the structure and contaminate bait that's been applied.

*Baits, dust and IGRs are the recommended products to use when controlling german roaches.

Using gel baits, bait stations and IGRs are the most effective treatment for the long-term control of german roaches.

a kitchen with a bar stool and a refrigerator
a house with a green roof

Only place pea size amounts of gel bait in the cracks/crevices where roaches are found during the inspection; the more placement the better.

Places to bait: cabinets, under sinks, behind/under appliances, under tables, behind electrical plates/panels, furniture, counter tops and trash cans.

*Never apply gel bait like you're caulking a crack.

Gentrol Point Source IGR and Gentrol aerosol are both good tools to use in cabinets, pantries and behind appliances along with baiting. It continues to break the life cycle for long term control.


Insecticidal dust is also an important part of controlling roaches and provides control for a very long period. Dust is to be used very sparingly. If you can see the dust, you are over applying.

Application areas for dust can be in wall voids, crack/crevices, dead space between cabinets and plumbing penetrations.

Placing glue boards in the infested areas treated after initial treatment will help monitor the activity.

Have customer vacuum up any and all dead roaches found after treatment.

Make notes of any sanitation issues found during inspection and bring them to the customer's attention to correct. Also let the customer know what to inspect after the treatment. Many customers think the roaches should and will be eliminated 24hrs after the initial treatment.

Cingo can help with german roaches

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