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See how Cingo pest control prices compare to other providers

How does Cingo compare?

pricing and coverage versus other companies

Most companies offer quarterly plans that only cover common household pests. They will charge more to protect you from termites, wildlife, and less common pests that may wander into your home. Cingo plans are comprehensive and cover all pests for one low monthly rate.

Cingo plans cover all pests.

All of them, really. 

Which pests are included?

Cingo plans are the only plans that protect you from all pests for one low monthly rate

Others' Quarterly Plan Cingo Plan Cingo+ Plan
Roaches Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Ants Yes Yes Yes
Millipedes Yes Yes Yes
Centipedes Yes Yes Yes
Silverfish Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Bed Bugs
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Fire Ants



Redefining home protection

always with you in mind

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Only Cingo provides total protection for you - from pest to prowlers and fires to fire ants. Our promise is to protect your home the exact way that we protect our own. You will find zero limitations, zero gaps in coverage and zero loss leaders so we can upsell later.


Select a plan, schedule your initial visit, and start protection on Day One. Time is the one thing that you can't take back, so don't waste it by falling for a "free inspection" which is fancy talk for a sales visit. Cingo your home as early as tomorrow and secure your peace of mind.


We will always provide a photo of the Cingo rep that is visiting your home and once your home is Cingo'd, you will have only one service professional assigned.