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Why you shouldn't crush Kudzu Bugs

Why you shouldn't crush Kudzu Bugs

Written By: Bill Ballard

It may look like a beetle, but that Kudzu bug is more closely related to the stink bug. You don't want these uninvited guests hanging around during the holidays. Kudzu bugs are quite small, only about a quarter inch long when fully grown.

Kudzu bug populations develop on kudzu or wisteria for the first generation, while the second generation of bugs will eat soybeans and other bean plants. It takes approximately six weeks for a kudzu bug to go from egg to adult, and research has shown that there are two generations of kudzu bugs in the southeastern U.S. each year. As cold weather approaches, Kudzu bugs will begin to look for a place to over-winter. They fly and often move from plants to a nearby house or other structure. Trimming or removing kudzu, wisteria and other plants from around your house and sealing cracks and crevices helps reduce the chance Kudzu bugs will overwinter in your home.

Be careful handling Kudzu bugs as they can stain your skin and even cause blisters in sensitive individuals. The foul odor produced by their body secretions can stain fabrics and wall coverings. If you find Kudzu bugs in your home, do not crush or spray them, but rather vacuum them and clean with soapy water.

If you see these small beetle-looking bugs or smell the foul odor they produce around your home, you can try do-it-yourself pest control, or contact a top rated pest control company like Cingo. We don't like bugs, but if you want to see what Kudzu bugs look like or learn more about them, click here.

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