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Prepare Your Backyard for Summertime Activities

Prepare Your Backyard for Summertime Activities

Written By: Joy Stanton-Hirst

Your backyard becomes a summertime outdoor activity hotspot, but it also becomes the prime location to potential threats. Your home, interior and exterior, is your domain. You should have the freedom to enjoy your entire property, immune to pests or prowlers ruining your peace of mind. Here's how you can ensure an uninterrupted backyard summer:

Backyard Doesn't Mean Backburner

Being a homeowner, you know there is a long to-do list to make your house a cozy home. When spending copious time organizing the interior, outdoor areas can take the backburner on the priority list.

Home care should be equal front and back. Clutter and debris like excess leaves, fallen branches, kids' toys, and even lawn furniture can be the perfect hiding (and breeding) spots for pests, especially when left to fester long-term.

Insects are more prevalent (and pesky) in the summer because the warm temperatures offer the perfect environment for food supply and population growth.Not only do pests create headaches, they also pose serious risks to you and your family's health. Insect bites and stings result in over 500,000 people being admitted to the hospital annually.

Pests aren't the only outdoor issues you have to worry about. Structural issues like incomplete fencing or a rotten plank of wood on your deck can seem miniscule, but the longer it's left unchecked or unaddressed, the more damage it does to your home and your wallet.

Secure the Connections to the Outside

Pests require very little space to enter your home, especially when hitching a ride in your dog's fur or on your kid's sock. Prowlers, however, look for weaknesses on the home exterior, like faulty locks and rotting door frames to make their entrance.

Rodents carry fleas, ticks, and mites. Take action immediately since they can disperse these pests throughout your property and can transmit diseases to humans and other animals.

Maintain your home's integrity by ensuring doors and windows are closed tightly when unattended. Walk your home exterior once a month to find any possible holes or cracks that could be inviting to crawling critters. If you detect an entry-point, set traps near it until you can call an expert like Cingo to get it fixed.

Whether it's preventing pest entry to your home, keeping intruders out, or even making sure you have a safe exit in case of an emergency, securing entry points is critical to your safety and peace of mind.

Don't let the consequences (water damage, an ant army, termite weakened walls, etc) be your first indications of a pest or security problem. Take initiative and enjoy your outdoor summer by learning the warning signs, how to prevent them, and use Cingo professionals who always prioritize your safety.

Peace of mind is just around the corner. Complete our Pest Quiz to find the best pest control option for you and your home.

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