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Mosquitoes or mosquitos, they both suck.

Mosquitoes or mosquitos, they both suck.

Written By: Bill Ballard

Summer should be the time for barbecues and lounging by the pool. Unfortunately, the hot, muggy weather in Augusta and eastern Georgia is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. These pests can ruin your outdoor fun and send you running for cover.

Beyond the inconvenience, there are real health threats, too. A few summers back, you may remember that mosquitoes took on a role far beyond nuisance. In 2012, mosquitoes brought the largest outbreak of West Nile Virus in U.S. history. Georgia had 21 confirmed cases (three deaths) of West Nile Virus. While we are hopeful that such devastation will not be repeated, it doesn't mean mosquitos won't be a pain for homeowners.

So what can you do to avoid mosquito bites?

  • Prevent standing water. This means replacing water in birdbaths and wading pools at least once per week. Make sure to check lawn furniture, outdoor toys, pots or other containers where rainwater may accumulate.
  • Avoid being outside at dusk and dawn, the prime biting times. This is when mosquitos are feeding and you don't want them feeding on your family.
  • Wear loose fitting, long-sleeved shirts and pants. That is sometimes tough in the Georgia summer heat.
  • Use insect repellent that contains DEET. Learn more here
  • Don't let them in. Keep exterior doors, including your garage doors, shut. Check window and door screens to ensure a proper fit.
  • Weekly lawn & home maintenance will also help reduce the mosquito population. Trim bushes and shrubs, mow the lawn and eliminate any unneeded vegetation, weeds or brush. Clean roof gutters and downspouts regularly.

Did-You-Know.jpgDid you know??

Companies specializing in mosquito treatments charge an average $75 per monthly application. For a similar rate, Cingo protects you not just from mosquitoes, but also termites, roaches, mice, bed bugs and pretty much any insect or critter that threatens your home. Learn more >>

How can a professional exterminator help?

The pest experts at Cingo will evaluate your home and yard to determine the best plan of action to eliminate mosquitoes and the stinging, biting bugs that are the barrier to enjoying your outdoor spaces. This will likely include treatments for prevention and insect elimination.

Your pest professional will apply a product for mosquitos to the shrubbery and lawn of your home to effectively reduce the population. This will be applied as a "mist" to thoroughly coat the greenery of your property.

A fire ant bait will also be applied to your lawn twice a year to provide year-long control. This bait is collected by foraging ants, who in turn feed it to the colony, thereby eliminating fire ants.

Did you find these pest control tips helpful?

Download the Guide to Outdoor Dining [Infographic] for more tips to keep pests our of your picnic.

Already have a pest control plan? For what you'd spend on insect repellent and citronella candles, you could upgrade to the Cingo Plus Plan, which includes outdoor pests like mosquitos and fire ants. Contact Cingo for more information about pest control in Georgia and South Carolina.

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