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Terri Starley creates masks to keep folks safe during pandemic

Terri Starley creates masks to keep folks safe during pandemic

Written By: Team CMC

Updated on August 25th, 2021. Original title: Dublin friends create masks to keep folks far and near safe during pandemic

Terrie Starley, a grandmother of four, keeps friends engaged and supplies in the pipeline.

What began in March as a group making masks for friends quickly exploded into a volunteer project that distributes hand-made masks as far away as Poland.

Widely accepted as an important way to keep communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have been in high demand since the virus began impacting daily life months ago. And that demand isn't going anywhere.

With that in mind, Terrie Starley, a Dublin resident and grandmother of four, keeps friends engaged and supplies in the pipeline. Keeping up with demand of can be difficult due to shortages and closures, but the community steps up every time, Terrie says.

"When we would get low on supplies it was like God would open the door and people would call saying they had materials for us," says Terrie, who coordinates a small group of friends that is often supported by dozens more.

Known as the Medical Mask Mission, the group has crafted more than 9,000 masks. Their handiwork has been distributed to members of the U.S. Navy stationed in Poland, first responders in New York and New Jersey, and small businesses and churches in the Dublin area.

Terrie says she's especially proud of the work they've done to help Navy service members in Poland. A Navy mom called and told Terrie about the conditions her son and other members were experiencing on their ship in Poland, Medical Mask Mission friends made 50 navy blue masks and sent them out quickly. Since that initial request, they've made nearly 400 for service men and women, Terrie says.

"We were told people on the ship were cutting their shirt sleeves to use as masks," says Terrie. "It was an honor to know you were sewing for them.

"In fact, this has all been an amazing experience."

Medical Mask Mission is run solely on donations. To donate or volunteer, contact Terrie at terrie_starley@yahoo.com.

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