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Keep the mouse out of your house

Keep the mouse out of your house

Written By: Bill Ballard

Remember the mouse mazes from science fair projects? Mice are curious and persistent, a combination that leads them to reward. If you don't want your home to be their prize, try these house mouse prevention and mouse control tips.

1. If you feed them, they will come.

As with all animals, finding food and water is a primary goal of mice. By properly storing food and cleaning debris that might make a meal for a mouse, you can curb their appetites and help reduce their visits. Pet food should be stored in containers and you should serve only what the pet will eat. Leftovers are a recipe for unwanted guests.

2. Nature's contortionists only need a quarter inch!

With the cold weather among us, mice are definitely looking for a warm place to hang out. Did you know that it only takes a quarter-inch gap for a mouse to get through? They are one of nature's contortionists: if their heads will make it, the rest will follow. Sealing all exterior openings is about the only surefire way to prevent mice from entering your home. It's essential that you use permanent seals like mesh screening or insulation foam. Be sure to check areas that mice commonly use to breach your home, like air vents, water lines, dryer vents, HVAC lines and door sweeps.

3. Reduce Clampett-style clutter.

Mice are obviously not at the top of the food chain, so they are always seeking secure shelter. They consider boxes, clothes and other items cluttered together, a cozy, safe home. Store these items neatly into sealed storage containers, preferably made of durable plastic. This reduces access to the nooks and crannies they seek, and you'll deter them from making your home theirs as well.

4. Curiosity killed the… mouse?

The old proverb "curiosity killed the cat" can certainly be applied to mice too. These rodents are inquisitive by nature and some of the best control methods use that against them. Snap traps, glue boards and rodenticide baits work reasonably well to attract and control mice. Baits should be used on the exterior in tamper-resistant boxes to reduce the population, whereas traps and glue boards are more appropriate after mice have entered the home.

5. Sylvester, not Garfield.

Speaking of cats… adding one animal to combat another may not be your best choice, but a cat's hunting skills could be beneficial to rodent control. A lazy feline like Garfield won't help much, but if you happen to have a Sylvester around, you may be in luck.

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to download the Pest Tips eBook and share it with a friend. For more tips on preparing your home for winter, we recommend this article. Of course, if you have a pest problem or are interested in pest prevention, please contact us for pest control in Atlanta and throughout the southeast.

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