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Insect-Proof Your Home

Insect-Proof Your Home

Written By: Joy Stanton-Hirst

Seeing a pest in your home is enough to make anyone uneasy, especially when it can indicate you have bigger problems on your hands. Aside from being a nuisance, insects can pose serious health risks, damage your home, and ultimately burn a hole in your pocket. Insect-proof your home with these tips:

Know the Weaknesses

Your home has natural weak points where pests can easily find their way into your home. Identify and secure possible entry points (windows, outside entrances, basements, attics) to proactively prevent infestations. Areas with excess moisture or food storage are especially vulnerable.

Learn the Seasons

Every home comes with its own ecosystem of pests that cycle throughout the year. Local pests can include the creepy crawlers as well as wildlife, depending on your location. Learn the specifics of your area to plan ahead for high seasons and reduce the risk of pests damaging or making their way into your home.

Clean Up Your Backyard

A myriad of pests call your backyard home. This is where a majority of the pests that make it inside your house are coming from. Clear out extra debris like fallen leaves, grass clippings, and tree branches to minimize the opportunities for pests to make nests in your yard. Keep in mind, no matter how much you clear away, there will always be critters in your yard to watch out for.

Call a Professional

It's clear that your needs differ depending on your home, location, and even your backyard, but you shouldn't have to take it on alone. Call a professional like Cingo to help securely "insect-proof" your home so you can live hassle-free, no matter the pest or season.

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