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Hurdles that slow down closing

Hurdles that slow down closing

Written By: Mandy Garnto

There's not much worse than receiving the news that your clients' closing date has to be postponed. However, the most common hurdles on the way to closing can be cleared with ease just by partnering with Cingo throughout the homebuying process.

Hurdle #1: Termite Warranties

Buyers tend to believe that every home is covered for termites, whether by warranty or through homeowners insurance. As you know, this is not the case. Termite damage is not included on homeowners insurance policies, and many homeowners do not carry a termite warranty. Cingo has a long history of working with agents to ensure every home is protected from termites by the time it reaches the closing table. If the home has active termites, Cingo can remedy that as well.

Hurdle #2: Wildlife Activity

While termite coverage or activity can delay closing, it's not the only issue that can stand in the way.Rodent activity has risen to the top of the list as a speedbump for closings. Cingo has worked with real estate agents and their clients since its founding almost 50 years ago. Cingo's wildlife professionals can ready a home for closing by eliminating the culprits and prepping the home to prohibit re-entry.

Hurdle #3: An Anxious Buyer

The challenges you face on the way to closing aren't always directly related to the home. Many homebuyers, especially first-time homeowners, can feel anxious about the unknown. They rely on your experience to guide them in choosing the right people to assist them with maintenance on their new home. Cingo is the only company in the market who offers Total Home Protection—a unique combination of pest, termite, wildlife, and home security, found nowhere else. By placing Cingo on the top of your referral list, you provide your clients with peace of mind. From pest to prowlers, fires to fire ants, Cingo can remove the stress and worry involved with new homeownership.

Avoiding the Hurdles Next Time

We all know that unexpected issues arise during the homebuying process. What could make your clients happier than an on-time, hassle-free closing? A free trip to the Bahamas? Yes, that would probably do it! While we can't send them on vacation, Cingo can ensure that there will be no surprises during the buying process.

By partnering with Cingo, you can avoid the hurdles we've discussed right from the beginning of this series. Cingo inspectors are trained and licensed to find defects and hazards attributable to pests, rodents and termites. It's important to understand these conditions before your client makes their purchase and steer clear of any unwanted surprises.

Another way we avoid surprises is our inspection walk-through. In the final hour of our inspection, we invite your client to explore the home with us. We will make note of any concerns, as well as, share any helpful details we have learned about the home. We will deliver our written inspection report by the end of the next business day—no surprises attached.

The next time you want a hassle-free process for your clients, be certain with Cingo.


About Cingo: The name Cingo means to surround and secure, conveying the company's commitment to home protection. The company has been protecting families in the Southeast since 1974. It provides home protection services throughout Georgia and South Carolina, including Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Douglas, Dublin, Milledgeville, Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross and all points in between. Cingo was named a Best Place to Work in Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine and listed as a National Best & Brightest Company to Work For. Learn more at www.cingohome.com.