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Do you really need a free inspection?

Do you really need a free inspection?

You're shopping around for pest control online, looking to compare pricing and notice most companies offer a "free inspection" or a "free estimate" in order to provide you with accurate pricing based on your needs. This is the way the industry has always done it. But do you really need an inspection in order to know what type of pest control coverage you need for your home?

First, let's look at what companies mean when they offer a free estimate or free inspection.

When you see free estimate on a company's website, this usually means that the company will take your contact information and then call you to discuss what needs you have over the phone. Their salespeople may provide you with their basic plan information, such as quarterly pest control solutions for what are considered common household pests (usually ants, roaches, spiders and silverfish).

These companies may also offer bundles of services such as termite control combined with their quarterly plans. The salesperson will provide you with an estimate of pricing at the time of the phone call, but the actual price you pay may vary once their representative inspects and treats your home on their first visit.

Other companies forego an estimate over the phone and send a salesperson to complete a free inspection in order to provide you with adequate pricing. They will schedule a visit over the phone and usually send a salesman to perform the inspection within a few days.

Once the inspection is performed, the salesperson will usually attempt to sell as many services as possible. These salesmen are paid commission to sell their company's services, so their goal is to sell you on as much as possible.

Is it really necessary to have an inspection to get pricing? We don't think so. Cingo provides pricing on our website and over the phone without sending a sales professional to your home. Our professionals will be ready to begin protecting your home from pests on their first visit as well as answer any questions you may have.

We also offer plans that protect you from all pests at one low rate, so you'll never have to worry if you're covered.

About Cingo: The name Cingo means to surround and secure, conveying the company's commitment to home protection. The company has been protecting families in the Southeast since 1974. It provides home protection services throughout Georgia and South Carolina, including Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Douglas, Dublin, Milledgeville, Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross and all points in between. Cingo was named a Best Place to Work in Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine and listed as a National Best & Brightest Company to Work For. Learn more at www.cingohome.com.