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Potentially Dire Consequences of Skipping A Home Inspection

Potentially Dire Consequences of Skipping A Home Inspection

I was recently hired to conduct an inspection at a home that was purchased without an inspection or an appraisal. My clients had finally caved to their agent's urging. Upon my arrival, I asked if the family had any questions or concerns about the home they had been living in for the past month. They said "No, not really…. but there IS sometimes this weird smell. Maybe you can figure it out."

I went outside to calibrate my combustible gas detector, as I do when I begin an inspection. I circled the outside of the home, documenting observations, and then started back inside, going room by room. I noted a slight odor at times but couldn't determine if it was due to a former smoker or maybe pets. As I went into the basement, though, my detector started chirping. As I went through the door into the mechanical room with the gas appliances… the detector started screaming.

I advised the family to immediately call Atlanta Gas Light for a safety check. The utility was there within the hour and immediately found and fixed a gas leak.

I wish I could say this is the first time this has happened to me as an inspector. I wish I could say this is the first time this year! I share this not to be a fear monger, but to raise awareness. The reality is there are systems and conditions that may exist within a home that can cause true and serious harm, sometimes immediate and sometimes after prolonged exposure.

The real estate market continues to suffer from a short housing inventory. In markets where sellers can seemingly ask for anything from the sea of desperate buyers, many are being bullied into waiving the inspection clause as part of due diligence. As an inspector, I continue to urge caution. Buyers must not let themselves become victims. The consequences are simply too dire.

If you or a client skip a home inspection as part of your purchase contract, consider still having one performed independently. If not a full home inspection, buyers should at least have immediate service of all mechanical systems (gas, water, heater, furnaces, etc.) prior to moving in and install fresh smoke and CO detectors.

If you are in need of an inspection, reach out to our Care Team for booking information.


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