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Congratulations, That's Good Stuff

Congratulations, That's Good Stuff

This post originally appeared in The 'Good News, a blog by Allgood Services, Inc. dba Allgood Pest Solutions. In February 2017, the company changed its name to Cingo.

"That's good stuff," is a phrase you'll often hear when walking through the Allgood offices. Whether it's because a customer has called in to thank someone for a job well done or a team member has achieved a sales goal, it's met with a nod, a smile and a pat on the back. To recognize members of the Allgood Pest Solutions team who maximize their time and efforts to live by our Core Values, we created the Good Stuff Awards.

Nominees must have been with the company for at least one year, exceed standards for their positions, demonstrate a willingness to help others, are involved with their communities and the industry, among other qualifications. This is the company's most prestigious award and represents the Allgood elite. Each received Allgood swag, fun money and a long weekend off.

Congratulations to the 2014 Good Stuff award recipients.

Burton Ayres, Dublin Market

"Passionate" describes Burton in all he does. Whether he is pitching in to help someone else, putting together a sales meeting, visiting a customer or finding more new customers, Burton is a true Allgood guy. Since Burton dove back into sales in the Milledgeville market, we have experienced a very nice uptick in customer counts. He has assisted in CCC training, sales training, serves on our SLT and marketing teams. To be involved in so much all while nailing his target made Burton a perfect choice for the Good Stuff award.

Stuart Beasley, Savannah Market

Stuart goes the extra mile to provide a flawless customer experience. He 'Builds our Brand' by providing his customers with a flawless customer experience, creating leads and selling Allgood Advantage Bundles. Stuart's team members in Savannah will tell you that he is always willing to lend a hand. He is a leader in Savannah as he encourages and challenges the team to do better.

Ron Hinkley,South GA Market

Ron exceeded company standards this year with an outstanding job onboarding the WCCG accounts -- working early, late nights and weekends to get the stops completed. Ron is active in his community, attending Chamber events and even heading up the local Cancer Society fundraiser in 2014. Last year, Ron set the example of being true our Core Values.

Ken Howard, Dublin Market

Ken really stepped up and helped out this year during a pinch. He worked long hours to do his job and the interim General Manager position. Ken is also our CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and that responsibility suits him well. He has continually brought energy and happiness to the Dublin service center. Ken's leadership was instrumental in our 2014 success. We appreciate that he wore many hats.

Brian Renfroe, Dublin Market

Earlier in the year Brian was asked to fill in on a vacant pest control route for 3 months. Helping out was just the beginning, though, as Renfroe really owned the position and was then asked to be the fulltime "Allgood guy". According to Ballard, Renfroe performs the 6pt service flawlessly and his customers are happy to enjoy their pest free home. Brian also participated in many booth events including "The Big Event" in Milledgeville and the Dublin Christmas parade.

Rick Riffe, Augusta Market

There is no job too big, too small, too late, too early or too far away for Rick to accommodate the customer schedule and pest needs. Rick is true to our Core Values each and every day while doing his job, and it shows through his kindness and his happy customers in the Augusta area.

Brian Zbierski, Charleston Market

Zbierski, as he is affectionately known, exemplified hard work and determination in all aspects last year. He loves to learn and consistently seeks more understanding so that he can better serve his pest control customers. Zbierski never missed a meeting this year and attended every community and booth event in the Charleston market in 2014.

About Cingo: The name Cingo means to surround and secure, conveying the company's commitment to home protection. The company has been protecting families in the Southeast since 1974. It provides home protection services throughout Georgia and South Carolina, including Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Douglas, Dublin, Milledgeville, Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross and all points in between. Cingo was named a Best Place to Work in Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine and listed as a National Best & Brightest Company to Work For. Learn more at www.cingohome.com.