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5 Expert Holiday Pest Control Tips

5 Expert Holiday Pest Control Tips

Written By: Bill Ballard

Originally published December 2017

Let's face it, holidays can be stressful. And while we can't help you with the cooking and wrapping, we can help you keep your home pest-free this season. What attracts little black ants and roaches? Which critters are ready for you to build a fire? When should you think about your outdoor pets?

Follow these simple tips to cross pests (and we mean the bug kind) off your list. Then, sit back and enjoy time with family and friends.

Pest Tip #1: Sweet Treat Displays

Those beautifully decorated cookies do look great on your table, but they attract more than just compliments. During the holidays, it's especially important to clean food debris from cooking, grease around the stove, any remnants from food preparation, dropped food around the dinner table and even those decorative sweets that may be out for extended periods of time. Pests like roaches and ants are attracted to the sugars and fats found in food. Once insects find a food source, they release pheromones to signal the location for others to come and enjoy the feast. Family and friends are usually enough to handle during the holidays, so clean up to prevent more guests from arriving.

Pest Tip #2: Unpacking Decorations

Most people store their decorations in attics, storage closets, sheds and garages for 11 months of the year - places known to attract pests. What better place for a pest to seek harborage than a nice, dry box where no one will disturb them for many months? Always unpack and inspect stored decorations outside before bringing them into your home to prevent spiders, roaches and other pests from entering.

Pest Tip #3: Pets on Cold Nights

If you have a warm heart for bringing in your outside pets during the cold nights, make sure they are also pest free before entering. Fleas are not generally tolerable to extreme cold, but it is not an absolute that they will not survive and hitchhike in. While we are on the subject of pets, be sure to put out only enough food for one feeding. Excess food will increase your chances of a pest problem.

Pest Tip #4: That Cozy Fire

With the holiday season comes the cold weather that begs for a cozy fire. Before bringing firewood in from your outside storage, be sure to inspect and remove any insects that may be calling it home. It's also a good idea to bring in only the amount of firewood you intend to burn at that time. Storing the leftovers inside for a few days or weeks can allow some pests that may be hiding out- such as beetles- to invade your home. There is certainly nothing cozy about that.

Pest Tip #5: Bedbugs

With any travel comes the risk of bedbugs. If you are traveling for the holidays, always take the time to inspect the room - both hotels and in private homes. Nobody wants to think that their family members could have bedbugs, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to check not only the bed and nightstands, but also the area where you will be bags will be stored. You don't want harboring pests to hitch a ride home with you after the holidays.

Happy Holidays from Cingo

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to download the Holiday Pest Tips eBook and share it with a friend. Of course, if you ever find yourself with a pest control problem or are interested in pest prevention and searching for pest control companies in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, please contact us.

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