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3 Tools for Homeowners to Stay Ahead

3 Tools for Homeowners to Stay Ahead

Written By: Joy Stanton-Hirst

Your family and home deserve the utmost protection, but it can be a daunting task for those missing the proper tools. It takes a lot to juggle all the homeowner responsibilities and with potential threats lurking constantly, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are the top 3 ways you can stay ahead of any home related issue:

Plan ahead for emergencies.

Know where and how to operate your shut-off valves. You can manage a burst water pipe, gas leak, or any other common home emergency by knowing a sure way to slow down the damage they may cause. Immediately recognizing and turning off a main valve is a simple action that can prevent costly repairs until a professional like Cingo can address the root issue.

It can be tiresome to always be thinking of "what ifs", but the sooner you prepare those vital contingency plans, the less you'll ultimately pay if something does go wrong.

Pay attention to the seasons

When experiencing new weather and changing seasons, be aware, prepared and remain diligent. Various pests emerge each season, and favorable weather conditions have heightened pest problems. This summer nearly one-third of the U.S. will witness the Brood X cicadas emergence. Educate yourself regarding your local wildlife and pests to anticipate what may come and find a home protection professional to prevent problems before they start.

Your home inspection is a roadmap

Receiving a detailed, full home inspection is an essential homebuying step. Ideally, your home inspection should be a blueprint that can identify what needs to be addressed right away and what issues may occur later. Approximately 86% of buyers who used a home inspection said that their inspector identified at least one problem that needed to be addressed.

Use Cingo's Total Home Protection professionals to guarantee a comprehensive home inspection that will ensure that your home's interior is protected right when you arrive and beyond.

Prevent Problems Proactively

Peace of mind is just around the corner. Complete our Pest Quiz to find the best pest control option for you and your home.

About Cingo: The name Cingo means to surround and secure, conveying the company's commitment to home protection. The company has been protecting families in the Southeast since 1974. It provides home protection services throughout Georgia and South Carolina, including Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Douglas, Dublin, Milledgeville, Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross and all points in between. Cingo was named a Best Place to Work in Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine and listed as a National Best & Brightest Company to Work For. Learn more at www.cingohome.com.