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Cingo, the same great quality and customer service as Allgood

Allgood is now Cingo

A special offer for those who knew us first as Allgood

Loyalty pricing plans

Cingo Prevent

$67 per month

$295 first month fee reduced to $125 for loyal Allgood customers

Cingo Prevent+

$91 per month

$295 first month fee reduced to $125 for loyal Allgood customers

Upgrade to a Cingo plan

and receive a free Sentricon® termite system


Sentricon Maintenance

Sentricon is the #1 brand of termite protection because it's scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony — including its queen.

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Lifetime Termite Repair Warranty

If live termites are found after treatment, Cingo will take care of the damages - it's as simple as that. Should you sell your home in the future, this warranty is transferable to the buyer with no transfer fee.


Every. Single. Pest.

Your plan will cover every single pest that threatens your home.

Frequently asked questions

customer loyalty upgrade

How will this change my visit schedule?

Cingo will schedule a minimum of 6 preventative visits each year (minimum 9 for Cingo+ Plan) to perform pest prevention. You can learn more about the Cingo product details including when we visit, what we do and how we do it.

How much is the Sentricon System?

Rates vary between pest control companies, often based on size of home or regions, but average $600 - $1000, plus annual renewal fees.

How will this change my monthly bill?

Cingo will charge your payment method on file each month for either $59 if you select the Cingo Plan or $83 if you select the Cingo+ Plan.

Why aren't the visit and billing schedules the same?

Pest protection should be easy. Evenly divided, monthly payments mean that you can predict exactly how much pest control will cost, even if you can't predict pest behavior. If it takes additional visits, there are no additional charges. Cingo takes care of every single pest.

How much is Cingo's annual termite renewal fee?

There is no additional annual fee. The monthly payment includes all fees, and your plan includes a lifetime termite warranty.

Upgrade to a Cingo plan and receive a free Sentricon® termite system

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Redefining home protection

always with you in mind

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Only Cingo provides total protection for you - from pest to prowlers and fires to fire ants. Our promise is to protect your home the exact way that we protect our own. You will find zero limitations, zero gaps in coverage and zero loss leaders so we can upsell later.


Select a plan, schedule your initial visit, and start protection on Day One. Time is the one thing that you can't take back, so don't waste it by falling for a "free inspection" which is fancy talk for a sales visit. Cingo your home as early as tomorrow and secure your peace of mind.


We will always provide a photo of the Cingo rep that is visiting your home and once your home is Cingo'd, you will have only one service professional assigned.